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T-shirt Hair wrap

This T-shirt is ideal to wrap your hair in after washing it. It is made from a small business, is lightweight, and is made from 100% cotton fabric. This is what helps the hair dry quicly without disrupting the natural curl pattern of the hair! In fact, this method of drying is called plopping!


Why is this a great alternative to air drying or towel drying? The cotton in this shirt helps absorb water to dry your hair quickly. Other than using a hevy towel, this T-shirt helps dry your hair without adding weight so you reduce damage, fallout, and neck pain! It also helps you avoid using the same towel on your face that you use on your hair to prevent the spread of natural bacteria on your skin onto your hair or the other way around!


Use this shirt to dry your hair, beard, freshly cleaned makeup brushes, or to wear!

T-shirt Hair wrap

Out of Stock
  • Due to this product being designed for hair use, it is not eligible to be returned or exchanged.

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