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  • Will the hair elixirs make my hair oily?
    Our hair elixirs are specially formulated with light-weight oils that are intended to provide hydration and shine to the hair without causing a weighted, oily, or greasy appearance!!
  • Will the hair elixirs make my hair grow?
    While there is extensive scientific data our ingredients such as peppermint oil and rosemary oil stimulate hair growth by directly stimulating the hair follicle, our hair elixirs are intended to promote overall hair health. Heera Cosmetics makes no claims that any of the elixirs diagnose or treat any condition. Individual results will vary. Be sure to consult your dermatologist and/or hair stylist for any specific hair health concerns before use!
  • How often should I apply the hair elixir?
    The hair elixir can be applied daily to the roots and ends for a targeted daily treatment or once a week for an all over, intensely hydrating, self-care experience. We provide a product specific "how to use" guide with every order that details our recommended instructions for use. However, feel free to use our products in ways that work best for you! Our products are intended for external use only and should not be used on animals.
  • Does this product contain any additives like preservatives?
    No, our products contain no fillers, parabens, preservatives, or any additional chemicals. The only ingredients in our products are those that are detailed on each elixir. We believe in providing the most high quality, natural product that is not altered! Additionally, our product does not require any additional preservative or ingredients as our elixirs are 100% natural oil based.
  • What scientific research have you used to support the development of your products?
    We are more than happy to be transparent with our customers. To make transparency easy and accessible, we include information regarding key ingredients in our products in their descriptions on our "SHOP" page. Additionally, we have included our "RESEARCH" page to provide references to research we have utilized to safely develop our products.
  • Are samples available for products?
    At this time, we are not offering sample products. However, we are currently working on being able to provide sample size or trial size products in the near future!!
  • How do I use the t-shirt hair wrap?
  • If I dont like the product, can I return it?"
    As our products are intended for use on the skin, scalp, and hair, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. All of our sales are final.
  • What is the standard shipping time?
    We ship to any locations within the USA using USPS. Typically, shipping takes 3-7 days. During busy periods such as holidays or circumstances related to shipping delays, shipping periods may vary. We provide a tracking number with every order. Be sure to use the tracking number provided to determine where your package is and when the estimated arrival time is if there are any concerns regarding delivery time.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    At this time, we only ship to locations within the United States of America. We hope to ship globally in the future!
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