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The Heera



At Heera Cosmetics, we recognize the importance of self-care that is accessible for all, especially the millennial hustler that doesn’t seem to have enough time in the day. Here, self-care is attainable, luxurious, and fits perfectly into any daily routine. 

Founded at the start of the COVID19 pandemic, we recognized the value of pairing scientifically backed, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients with Indian self-care traditions that have worked for centuries. 

The Heera team has deep roots in St. Louis Missouri, Indian culture, and the medical field. Our elixir products beautifully combine our diverse backgrounds, our key values with relation to effortless self-care, and our passion for trusted scientific research. The non-greasy finish and user friendly packaging allows for our products to deliver the benefits of each ingredient in our elixirs, regardless of if they are used quickly during a morning routine or if they are used for an overnight deep treatment. There is absolutely no need for extra tools or special cleansers to get the most out of our products!


In the Urdu/Hindi language, heera means diamond. These jewels are made from coals that withstand immense pressure. Similarly, the go-getters, the fighters, and the dreamers are “diamonds that are made under pressure” because, like diamonds, they withstand countless difficulties to reach success. 


Heera cosmetics was made to support heeras like YOU, to be your new best friend. Just as a loyal best friend would, our products consistently deliver a luxurious self-care experience and quality results no matter how much time you can give them. 

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